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Ask Amy | The One About The Dumb Questions

Every Wednesday I give advice to an anonymous reader about a sticky professional situation they're currently in.

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This week we have a reader who took a job, and now they feel the culture sucks.

"I work for a place that seems like when you ask questions you are ridiculed for it, I took the job on a leap of faith and thought it would be a great fit, but finding out already that I think it's time to find something else. Any helpful insight is greatly appreciated."

So our reader took a job on a leap of faith, and now they are finding that when employees ask questions they are ridiculed for it.


Well the first issue I see here is taking a job on a "leap of faith", while I'm not sure exactly what that means, it doesn't sound good.

Although, I completely understand doing so in this job market. When times are rough you gotta do what you gotta do.

Here's what I would do right now:

  1. Make sure your LinkedIn and resume are optimized

  2. Put your resume on Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc.

  3. Make yourself open to work for recruiters on LinkedIn

  4. Apply to jobs you're qualified for in your downtime

  5. Ride out this current job until you find a new one, or you're let go

I want to add to #5 "or your mental health can't take any more", BUT I would only do this if you have the savings to be unemployed for awhile while you find something else. This market is crazy competitive, and you need to be prepared to be unemployed for months.

If they let you go, you can at least collect unemployment while you find something new.

Of course the best thing would be to find a new role while you're at this current one so you can stay employed throughout.

Depending on how short of a time you've been with this company, you can completely leave it off your resume and LinkedIn.

Readers, I encourage anyone who has been in this situation to discuss what you did in the comments! Let's help our fellow reader out with their options.

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