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Ask Amy | The One About Gig Work

Every Wednesday I give advice to an anonymous reader about a sticky professional situation they're currently in.

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This week our reader is wondering if they should put gig work on their resume and LinkedIn.

"I left my previous position in late July, and started running gigs for InstaCart and Roadie in late August to get some cash coming in and get out some more while I look for my next opportunity. Is it advisable to post that on the resume and on LinkedIn?"

The short answer here is no. Don't add gigs like InstaCart, DoorDash, Uber, etc. to your resume or LinkedIn.

The long answer is it depends on what jobs you're going for.

For example if your next job is going to be courier, call center, customer service, waitstaff, or maybe even a chef... I can see it being useful on the resume.

Anything outside of these categories it really adds no value to your resume or LinkedIn, and may even be confusing or negative for recruiters and hiring managers to see you quit your job as a software developer to go run InstaCart orders.

Remember your resume and LinkedIn don't need to show every job you've ever had. Keep it simple and straightforward so a recruiter or hiring manager can easily see why your profile works for the job they're filling.

If you want to be able to explain a gap on your resume without bringing gig work into it, I'd honestly work on a certification during this time so you can talk about that instead of DoorDash.

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