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Get to Know Us

At Underground Administration, our success story begins with the passion and expertise of our dynamic founders, each bringing a wealth of experience to the world of recruitment.

Amy Israeli:

With a keen eye for talent and a dedication to building strong, diverse teams, Amy leads the way as a seasoned HR and recruiting professional. Her years of experience in human resources have honed her ability to identify and connect with individuals who not only meet the skills required but also align with the cultural essence of organizations. Amy is committed to fostering inclusive workplaces and believes in the power of finding the right fit for both candidates and employers.

Richie Lampani:

Bringing over a decade of experience in agency recruiting, Richie is a visionary leader in the recruitment industry. His extensive background has given him a deep understanding of the ever-evolving landscape, enabling him to navigate the complexities of talent acquisition with finesse. Richie is known for his strategic approach to recruitment, delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of clients across various industries. His unwavering passion for connecting top talent with forward-thinking companies sets Underground Administration apart.

Our Collaborative Vision:

Together, Amy and Richie have created a recruitment agency that goes beyond traditional approaches. The team at Underground Administration is committed to revolutionizing the hiring process by not only matching skills but by understanding the unique cultures and aspirations of both clients and candidates.

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