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The Number One Resume Tip (Secret Sauce)

Updated: Jul 10

It's time to start thinking about your resume in a new light. Or maybe... in a new profession?

It's time to start thinking like a Marketer. And I'm going to teach you how.

If you hate reading and you would rather just watch this TikTok here you go:

Let's Start With The End

Not the end of this post, but the end of your story. If you look at the best marketing tactics and what they're advertising, it's the end.

When you go to buy something, you don't immediately care how it was made, what it's made from, or how you're going to get it. You want it because of what it's going to do for you. It's going to solve a problem you have, make your life easier, or do something you can not do.

Your resume needs to show potential employers what you're bringing to their company. What do you have and what can you do that they need and want.

You want the hiring manager to look like this when they see your resume.

"But how do I do that?!" ...don't worry, I got you.

  • Metrics... instead of "Managed a team of salespeople," say "Managed a team of 5 salespeople, increasing sales by 20% in one year."

  • Accomplishments... Instead of listing what you did day to day, talk about what you accomplished at your past companies.

  • Tailor to the Job... The job description will have specific items the company needs, and you want to show them that you can meet and exceed those needs because you ARE freaking amazing.

Need help messaging all those Recruiters and Hiring Managers?


You already know that visual appeal is a big part of marketing. So as you can guess, I'm going to tell you to make your resume visually appealing.

Ok but really don't make your resume pink and sparkly... please... 🥺

In resume speak, visually appealing = concise. No fluff. No hard to read or tiny fonts.

Seriously, just get Richie's FREE Resume Template HERE and fill it in. Every part of the template is in the right spot, the correct amount of spacing makes it easy on the eyes, and it's simple. The less is more approach really is true with a resume, and marketing.


Yeah nobody is reading your 10 bullet points that are each 4 lines long for EACH job you've ever had. Respectfully. It's just too overwhelming.

We (recruiters) are scanning that thing and it's a YES or it's a no. Be short and get straight to the point.

The best marketing and advertisements are one line long. Even just a few words. Coca-Cola's current slogan is "Taste the Feeling". Apple's is "Think Different". And they work really well.

Now I'm not saying to make your bullet points just a few words long, but 1 line is perfect. 2 is fine. Say what you have to say and get the heck out of there before you overthink it!

What do you think is the most important piece of Resume Marketing?

  • What you bring to the table

  • Easy to Read

  • Visually Appealing

Now that you're a Resume Marketing 101 Graduate the next Recruiter you see will be like this

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