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Ask Amy | The One About The Recruiter With No Job Openings

Every Wednesday I give advice to an anonymous reader about a sticky professional situation they're currently in.

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This week we have a reader who was hired as an internal Recruiter, but the company is not hiring.

"I was hired to be the recruiter for our company. The industry our company is in is currently having an economic downfall. We are in a hiring freeze - I have not had any open positions in two months. I am the only fully remote employee. My manager insists that I will be kept on, but corporate has brought in consultants to inspect headcount and where we can save costs. Since there are no positions open, I am being tasked with projects that are out of my wheelhouse. I am a team player and am always happy to learn something new, and do more, but some of these tasks are high-level and impact the entire staff in the U.S. Most of the projects are very math/spreadsheet based, and math is my worst area. I became a recruiter in part because there is very little math involved. I am starting to feel that "writing is on the wall" feeling and wonder if I should start putting feelers out for more stable opportunities. I do worry that maybe I'm just not feeling confident with the projects I'm currently on."

So, our reader was hired as a recruiter. I'm not sure how long they've been in this position, but now the company is on a hiring freeze due to the economy.

They're now being tasked with projects outside of their scope of work, AND corporate has brought in consultants to inspect headcount and and where the company can save on costs.

It's that last part that really has me thinking it's time to apply for jobs!

I would have said it anyway, as this reader is doing work they don't want to do and don't feel comfortable doing, but that really puts the bow on the present.

In fact, the manager who says everything will be okay could even be laid off.

HR, Recruiting, and Marketing are always the first to go in a reduction in force (layoff).

On top of that, the market is extremely competitive for these roles right now, meaning it could take you months to find a new job.

Start applying now, optimize your LinkedIn and Resume, upload your resume to job boards such as Indeed, Zip Recruiter, etc., and make yourself "open to work" for Recruiters on LinkedIn.

Now more than ever Recruiters need to be agile, whether you're internal or agency. You need to be open to new industries, working freelance or contract, and maybe even working two part-time roles.

If you're internal and don't want to go external, you may want to open yourself up to different types of jobs completely.

Do you need advice from Amy? Submit using the button below!

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