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Jobs That Exiting Recruiters Could Do (instead of becoming a career coach)

Unfortunately, we likely won't see the volume of hiring that we did during the pandemic again any time soon. This means many recruiters that were laid off will not be able to go back into recruiting.

But career coaching is so saturated, and often gets a bad rap. Luckily, recruiters have many transferable skills. Everyone always says recruiters could go into sales or customer service, but that may not be a fit for everyone.

Here are four jobs I think recruiters would do really well with that still incorporate sales and customer service:

1. Travel Agent

Go from recruiting people for jobs, to recruiting people for vacations! It even has the same operational structure. Either contract under an agency or create your own agency. You get paid by the companies you book with, not the people booking vacations.

You could even go into booking and planning company retreats once you get the hang of things, and I hardly see anyone advertising this on LinkedIn! Hello untapped market.

2. Real Estate Agent

This one’s also very similar operationally. Contract under an agency or go off on your own helping people buy and/or sell real estate.

You could also go into commercial real estate if you want to stay on the businessy side of life.

3. Insurance Agent

A lot of people are put off by the idea of selling insurance, but I think there’s a good

market for selling insurance to businesses. Many companies provide insurance for their employees, and they need an expert behind it all.

They also need business insurance if you’re more interested in that realm. Again you’re paid by the insurance carriers, not the buyers.

4. Matchmaker

Did you even know matchmakers still exist?? Well they’re back on the rise today and I personally see this as a high potential business idea. Digital dating has taken over, and people having less and less time for dating, it’s no wonder it's difficult for many people to find a match.

As one of my friends said, “if I had used a matchmaker instead of dating for all these years it would have been way cheaper and faster”.

The value add of these four jobs is similar to recruiting, as a company will have a better, faster, and cheaper time using a recruiting agency rather than posting their jobs to job boards. It's all about taking away the headache and time suck of procurement.

Drop other jobs you think recruiters could excel at with their transferable skills in the comments!

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